Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Occupy Well Street action #2

This past Saturday, November 19, activists took space to spread their message for the second time at the Martin Well, operated by Williams Appalachia, in Benton, PA (Sugarloaf Twp.).

Activists demands were a little different than last time when space was taken at the same well (

The first time activists protested the Martin Well, the main concerns were that there were clearly problems with the well (a seemingly clogged well bore), and Williams, after capping the well in August 2011, reappeared with a new rig in September without any notice to locals, or explanation of what they were doing. Williams fooled around with equipment for about 2 months, refusing to answer questions from locals about "what's going on with the well."

About one week ago, the Martin Well began flaring, signifying Williams had found gas. This was a bad sign for the community. Some activists took it as a warning of things to come, so they surprised workers at the Martin Well on a chilly but sunny Saturday morning to return with a presence.

The protest stirred emotions between the locals involved in the protest and those not involved. Conversation was shared about what fracking actually means for the community. Activists alerted of trouble to come as long as the gas industry continues lying to people and greenwashing their message, with a line-in-the-sand banner reading "Fracking or Community, Make Your Choice."

We are in the midst of one of the biggest choices we will ever have to make. Will you stand on the side of the gas industry (with none of your interests in mind) or will you stand with your community and protect our precious water, air, land and culture for generations to come?

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Guy said...

From the articles I've seen they make it seem like fracking doesn't cause any type of contamination in water or air supply, as if it has no problem. But dirlling for oil always has it consequences, it would be smarter to invest in production and develtopment of alternative fuels. Fracking seems like a good short term solution.

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