Friday, October 28, 2011

Marcellus Protest 2011 - Nov 18, State College, PA

Marcellus Protest 2011: Power To The People, Not The CorporationsFOR MORE INFORMATION

Be part of something big. Something really big!

Plan to join us on November 18th in State College, PA at the Penn State University campus for Marcellus Protest 2011: “Power To The People, Not The Corporations” rally.The rally is a two-part event. The first rally will be held on the steps of Old Main from noon until 1:00pm. This rally will celebrate the efforts of several local groups to pass a voter referendum on November 8th in State College that affirms that community’s environmental rights and bans any future natural gas drilling in State College.

Invited speakers include Pittsburgh City CouncilmanDoug Shields (confirmed), Barb Jarmoska (confirmed), Responsible Drilling Alliance,  and Josh Fox, director of the Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning movie Gasland.
The second rally, from 1:30 – 3:30pm will be held at the Penn State Conference Center, about 3 miles away from Old Main on the main campus. The Penn State Conference center will be hosting the Marcellus Summit 2011 sponsored by Range Resources and Chesapeake Energy, among others.
We will be announcing speakers for this part of the rally in the near future. Stay tuned.
As the industry-sponsored Shale Gas Impact conference in Philadelphia inspired the Shale Gas Outrage  rally, we plan to have a large presence at the Marcellus Summit 2011. This will be a peaceful, non-confrontational rally with the objective of high visibility to both conference attendees and the media.
After large protests in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, this movement has clearly gained momentum at each and every event. We must continue to feed that momentum and let our politicians and the gas industry leaders know that this movement continues to grow and that we will continue to keep their feet to the fire.
We think ex-PA Governor Ed Rendell said it best as he recently lectured gas industry executives at the Shale Gas Impact conference:
“[Drillers have] screwed up so bad that there are protesters everywhere anybody associated with this goes, and the protesters grow stronger and deeper in number.”
Let’s not disappoint Mr. Rendell.
This will almost certainly be the last opportunity for a large-scale protest rally in PA for 2011.
If you think it is important that this movement continues to move forward with ever-growing numbers, please plan to attend. Commit to bringing 10 others with you. Commit to getting out the word to as many as possible.
Let’s keep the momentum growing into

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