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ROADBLOCK! Blockaders Stop Marcellus Pipeline Trucks in Susquehanna County

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ROADBLOCK! Blockaders Stop Marcellus Pipeline Trucks in Susquehanna County

JULY 20, 2012
The fourth known blockade of fracking industry trucks in Pennsylvania this year took place on Tuesday in Brooklyn, PA. The Susquehanna County spontaneous blockaders confronted and successfully turned away the “illegal and unpermitted construction of the beginning of the Constitution Pipeline,” according to a statement.
Susquehanna County’s water, air, roads, forests, and peace has been assaulted by the fracking industry ever since the water first went bad in Dimock in 2008; other, less well-known cases of water with high to explosive levels of methane, along with health-harming chemicals, have occurred in Susquehanna County, for example in Lenox. Residents have endured a compressor station fire, health-harming compressor station emissions, multiple chemical spills, dangerous and road-destroying truck traffic, and the spreading of toxic Marcellus brine on roads. They appear to have had enough:
Contact: Shaleshock Media, William A Huston: 607-321-7846
Contact: Rebecca Roter, Susquehanna County Resident: 267-733-5211
(Brooklyn PA) On Tuesday, July 17th, near the illegal and unpermitted construction of the beginning of the Constitution Pipeline, a group of people spontaneously blocked a road for 30 minutes after a 45 ton crane on a 9 ton trailer went up a gravel road where they were gathering.
When asked, the driver of the escort vehicle and the driver of the truck pulling the crane both refused to present the road-use permit.
While the driver of the crane got away with his load, it was not before photographic evidence was obtained of the crime.
(See below for the DOT number of the truck).
The driver of the escort vehicle initially spoke with reps of the group, then spent much of the time on his cell phone with the tinted windows rolled up.
Apparently, both sides called the police for help.
After about 30 mins, and with the illegal vehicle gone, the police nowhere in sight, the group decided to cease the roadblock.
“It was a positive & powerful action” said one of those who carried out the roadblock. 

One of the activists gave this statement:
The operations up the road are illegal and immoral. 
The government is colluding with industry and is not enforcing its own law.With mass-scale destruction of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the destruction and segmentation of some of the last and largest forests left on planet earth, 
With the poisoning and the destruction of massive quantities of our water precious and scarce water,
It now seems time that we put our bodies on the line to stop this insanity, to preserve this place for future generations.
Below is information about the equipment which was blocked; more information may become available on a Facebook link provided in the statement.
Another Facebook page asks all to TAKE ACTION by submitting comments to FERC opposing the Constitution Pipeline, which will use Eminent Domain. The Facebook page includes information from workers and testimony by pipeline expert and lawyer Deborah Goldberg.
The crane was a Manitowoc 8000,  weight is 90,000 lbs (45 tons):
Here is a similar one:,290_1.jpg
The trailer was a 4-axle Trail King HG series detachable lowboy trailer
* 26′ deck
* 102″ width
* 12″ extenders
* GVWR 130,160 lbs (This is consistant with a 90,000 lb load)
* GAWR 20,280 lbs (* see note below)
* Weight 17,640 lbs empty (9 tons)
Here is a stock photo:
* Note about GAWR from Wikipedia:
=> Vehicles over 6,000 pounds are restricted from some city roadways. 
=> Vehicles over the 8,500 pound threshold are required to have insurance
under Section 387.303 of the Motor Carrier Act of 1980.

Escort Vehicle:
License Plate: Ohio PHQ 3910, Ford
Crane Truck:
PUCO 79794
ICC MC 239904
USDOT 327069
KYU 054022
TFPN 097020
Rich’s Towing
Middleburg Hts. Oh
Trailer License:
TNK 4598 : Ohio


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They also stopped several convoy vans for logistics purposes for workers such as food. I guess this protest affects us all. It is bad for business in the logistics of ute rental.

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