Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anti-Extraction Earth Day Picnic at Water Withdrawal Site in NEPA!

On Sunday, April 22 at 11am, participants in the Occupy Well Street campaign will be holding a picnic at the fracking water withdrawal site on the Susquehanna River in Berwick, PA. 

If corporations think they can take over our favorite lunch spots and use them to extract millions of gallons a day of clean water from the Susquehanna to expand their fracking operations, they've got another thing coming.

We aim to bring a delicious presence to this WATER extraction site--itself no different in its destructive consequences for health and environment than a fracking site, a mountaintop removal coal mine or a tar sands distillation operation.

Resource extraction is resource extraction.

At the end of the day they all have the same negative effects on both human communities and wildlife ecosystems.

Bring yourself, your friends, and your lunch or some snacks, Bring your musical instruments! BRING YOUR VOICES AND YOUR COMMITMENT TO CLEAN WATER!

Let's show these companies that we all agree on the value of a hearty lunch... and the insanity of withdrawing perfectly clean water from our river just to pollute it, use it to make huge profits for the few, and inject it underground--forever!

Please contact if you have any questions.

See you there!

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