Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Water for Dimock: Emergency aid needed for Pennsylvania fracking victims!

Please donate and sign the petition below.

On December 1st,  the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) allowed the company to halt delivery of water to affected families, leaving them with only the toxic, flammable water that has made them ill and caused skin lesions that occurred after gas wells were fracked nearby.
The time has come to take action to support our friends in Dimock. Cabot Oil and Gas, and the Pennsylvania DEP are neglecting their responsibility to aid the people whose lives they damaged.
There are a couple important ways you can help the fracking victims in Dimock: 
1. Help us bring water to the fracking victims in Dimock by making a donation here:

Dimock Water Deliveries Fund

   (Julie Sautner is pooling money to buy an Army truck that will be able to transport large loads of water containers)

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rain said...

More aid has to be provided. This is to help resolve the crisis.

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