Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OHSA Reported Casualties

Preliminary review of weekly OHSA casualty reports here: http://www.osha.gov/dep/fatcat/dep_fatcat.html

Blowout in Moundsville, WV - June 2010

01/24/2012 Geer Tank Trucks Inc., Jacksboro, TX 76458 Worker was found underneath truck after performing work on semi-trailer truck.

01/23/2012 Air Equipment Rental, Inc., Tilden, TX 78072 Worker was working at the base of an oil rig when a valve separated from piping, fell and struck the worker.

01/20/2012 Logan El Dorado Drilling Company LLC, Crescent, OK 73028 Three employees were hospitalized after a flash fire during tripping operations.

01/09/2012 Sarano's Inc., Ignacio, CO 81137 Worker transporting water from a water truck was run over and killed when the truck's brakes failed.

01/07/2012 Across Big Sky Flow Testing, LLC, Killdeer, ND 58640 Worker switching tanks at a flow testing facility was found dead on the catwalk of a tank battery.

12/12/2011 Oilfield Service & Supply Company Inc., Laurel, MS 39443 Worker was removing a ladder stuck in mud and briars. The ladder flew up and hit the worker on the back, fatally injuring the worker.

12/10/2011 Highlands Drilling, LLC., Wellsboro, PA 16901 Worker walking alongside a forklift was run over and killed when he fell, landing in front of the forklift's rear tire.

12/08/2011 TNT Energy, Inc., Rising Star, TX 76471 Worker died from head injuries after he was thrown from a collapsed rig.

11/7/2011 Horizon Energy Services, Foraker, OK 74652 Worker on an oil/gas well drilling rig was struck and killed by a block that fell to the rig floor.

10/28/2011 Ringo Drilling ILP, Pecos, TX 79772 Three workers were injured when a centrifugal pump exploded while they were setting up a rig site.

10/27/2011 Redcor Drilling, Winnemucca, NV 89446 Worker died inside of a water truck after it rolled down an embankment.

9/26/2011 Kenai Drilling Limited, Ventura, CA, 93001 Worker was crushed by a piece of drill equipment while working in oilfields.

9/20/2011 Halliburton Energy Services, Carlsbad, NM 88220 Worker was fatally injured when a blowout preventer fell and struck him on the head.

9/9/2011 Liberty Swabbing Inc., Raymondville, TX 78580 Worker was killed when pressure released from a wellhead struck him in the abdomen.

9/8/2011 Full Throttle Oil Field Services, Wilson, OK 73463 Worker was struck and killed by a pump jack weight.

9/7/2011 Fabrication International Inc., Houston, TX 77093 Worker using an aerial lift to detach rigging was killed when a derrick hit the aerial lift basket, throwing the worker more than 20 feet.

9/1/2011 Titan Drilling, LLC., Dumas, TX 79029 Worker was struck on the head and killed by the bottom of a blow-out preventer he was resetting.

8/29/2011 Wild West Construction LLC, Glenrock, WY 82637 Two workers were killed in an explosion while installing piping on an existing well site.

8/17/2011 Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations Inc., Mills, WY 82644 Worker was crushed after being pinned between two vehicles in a storage yard.

8/15/2011 Patterson-UTI Drilling Co., LLC. Rig #531, Carrizo Springs, TX 78834 Worker was killed after rigging equipment struck him, throwing him over the guardrail, 26 feet to the ground.

8/14/2011 Baker Petrolite Corporation, Sand Springs, OK 74063 Worker died after being struck in the face with a hose cap and sprayed in the face with the chemical, isopropylamine.

8/8/2011 Naybor's Well Services Company, High Island, TX 77623 Worker trying to detach a load from a forklift died when the load fell on top of him.

7/30/2011 Professional Directional LTD, Conroe, TX 77303 Worker testing a battery used for power drilling tools in oil fields died after the battery exploded.

7/30/2011 Wilson Salt Water Disposal, Inc., Wilson, OK 73463 Worker unloading salt water was killed when nearby oil tanks exploded.

‎7/8/2011 Patterson UTI Drilling Company, Carlsbad, NM 88220 Worker was struck and killed by hoisting equipment while working on an oil drilling rig.

6/26/11 Fesco Ltd., Newton, TX 75966 Worker was killed when pressure released from a natural gas line threw him into a piece of iron, while another piece of iron fell on him.

‎6/25/11 Acme Energy Services Inc., dba Big Dog Drilling, Midland, TX 79701 Oil drill worker repairing a leak was killed after he was struck on the head by a steel cable.

6/24/11 Ada Energy Services LLC, Stonewall, OK 74871 Worker drilling oil inside an oil well collapsed and later died from apparent heat stress.

6/21/11 Chevron Lease, Taft, CA 93268 Worker at an oil and gas work site died after falling into a sinkhole filled with an unknown liquid with a temperature of about 180 degrees.

 ‎6/11/11  Robinson Drilling of Texas, Ltd., Lamesa, TX 79331 Workers were pushing the kelly towards a mouse hole. The kelly bushing blew apart and pieces struck two employees on the head.

6‎/4/11 Prevail Energy, Incorporated, Corpus Christi, TX 78418 A worker was killed when a tractor being loaded onto a trailer flipped over the trailer and struck the worker.
6/1/11 Ringo Drilling LLP, Ozona, TX 79563 Worker fixing a leak on a centrifugal pump was electrocuted when he came in contact with an energized circuit.

5/31/11 Wharncliffe Compressor Station, Wharncliffe, WV 25621 Worker performing maintenance at a natural gas compressor station died after complaining about the heat and major pain in his arm, chest, and stomach.

‎5/10/11 Nabors Drilling, Williston, ND 58801 Worker walking out of a building, collapsed and died from possible electrocution.

4/25/11 TK Stanley, Inc., Waynesboro, MS 39367 Worker dismantling an oil well flare stack was killed when the flare stack fell over, striking the worker's back.

4/1/2011 Orion Drilling Company LLC Altair Rig #7, Catarina, TX 78836 Worker died after being struck in the head from an 8-lb. bolt that fell 142 feet from a drilling rig.

3/31/2011 DME Enterprises, Bridge City, TX 77611 A welder working on top of a storage tank was killed when the tank exploded, throwing the worker to the ground.

3/21/2011 Carbide Industries, LLC Louisville, KY 40211 Two workers were killed and one injured after an explosion in an industrial gas plant.

‎3/19/2011 T. K. Stanley, Beaumont, TX 77713 Worker was crushed between two derricks sections.

3/11/2011 5J Oilfield Services, LLC., Stanton, TX 79782 Worker was killed when caught between a tractor trailer and forklift.

3/9/2011 Reeco Well Services, Inc., Lovington, NM 88260 One worker killed and three workers injured from a fire at an oil well rig.

3/9/2011 Estis Well Service, LLC, Plaquemine, LA 70764 Worker was positioning a pipe into a hole on a derrick when the pipe shifted, striking the worker, and pinning him between the rig and mud tank.

2/23/2011 Austin Industrial Services, LP., Deer Park, TX 77536 Worker entered a railcar previously containing olefin sulfide and was overcome by hydrogen sulfide.

2/21/2011 Helmerich & Payne International Drilling Co., Midland, TX 79701 Worker was in the process of removing a stabilizer when a piece of equipment was moved or dislodged by a forklift and the piece struck and caught the worker.

2/16/2011 Superior Environmental Solution, Inc., Canton, OH 44704 Worker was pinned between a hatch door and the opening framework at the rear end of an industrial vacuum truck.

‎2/7/2011 Enterprise Products dba Enterprise Transportation, Freeport, TX 77541 Worker was washing a chemical tanker truck that contained polyurethane foam and was found unresponsive inside the tank.

2/2/2011 SST Energy Corporation, Douglas, WY 82633 Worker died when the assist device on a derrick ladder failed, causing him to fall approximately 70 feet.

‎1/24/11 Arklahoma Pipeline Inc., Van Buren, AR 72956 Worker died after a 544-lb. pipe worker was unloading rolled off a trailer causing worker to fall from the platform.

1/22/2011 Unit Drilling Corp., Oklahoma City, OK 73179 Worker was struck by a mousehole pipe that was being lifted from the rig floor with an air hoist.

1/19/2011 Key Energy Services, Boyd, TX 76023 Worker was checking drilling collars to determine which ones were defective and was crushed by two drilling collars that had rolled off the stack.

1/14/2011 Patterson UTI Drilling Co, LLC., Shunk, PA 17768 Worker was hit by a mud pipe at a drilling site.


Joe Johnson said...

The field where heavy equipment is utilized is usually hazardous. Employers and employees should at least equip themselves with some of the basic safety measures.

Kyle Xanders said...

This just proves how important OSHA training is. OSHA saves life in such adverse conditions by offering safety measures for the workers that are easy to handle and fruitful for the workers.

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Alex Lotorto said...

Joe and Kyle, if you look closely, many of these deaths resulted from faulty equipment and it is the responsibility of the employers to ensure a safe work site. I do agree that workers should understand the importance of safety measures and follow them, I follow them at my job.

Ellie said...

" 2/7/2011 Enterprise Products dba Enterprise Transportation, Freeport, TX 77541 Worker was washing a chemical tanker truck that contained polyurethane foam and was found unresponsive inside the tank." There should be better safety measures taken by employers especially concerning chemicals from high volume hydraulic fracturing.

John Stevenson said...

Sometimes it is just foolish enough to get yourself involved in this kind of accident. The consequences is just not worth it.


Josh said...

Some people are not taking safety procedures in this kind of work seriously. This is why there are accidents like these and there will still be more in the future.

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Maia Dobson said...

It's sad to know that there's a great number of casualties on this new construction. I hope the contractor would provide more protection scheme and insurance for their workers to avoid accident.

Harry Matthews said...

Accidents and casualties are inevitable in any kind of job. Even portable flare stacks can cause trouble in oil wells. In order to reduce this statistics, OSHA and these companies give safety rules and precautions.

Dominic Duncan said...

In a place like that they should avail to programs or services such as he fall protection in Miami Florida to ensure heir safety and avoid any injuries

Damian Bathory said...

That is one long list of casualties. It makes me wonder if they ever considered or even have proper safety procedures and, maybe, a lockout tagout system to protect their workers.

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davidbaeley said...

Every year thousands of people die due to such miss happening. I think we can overcome this by using proper safety measure and by providing training of how to use equipments.

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