Friday, October 21, 2011

10/30 Zombies Occupy Dimock, PA! Save the Date!

30 October · 4:00 - 7:00

Dimock Baptist Church and Carter Rd.
Rt. 29 S. (blinker light in Dimock, PA) and Rt.2024.
Dimock, PA 18816

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PADEP has agreed to allow Cabot Oil & Gas to stop providing fresh water to the people in Dimock who have contaminated water. This sets a precedence for water contamination cases in PA.
What if this was YOUR water?
All Zombies are invited to Dimock to join in a walk to illustrate what happens when the gas industry leads State policy.
Come in a costume or come as you are. We will meet for Kabot Kool-aid at the Dimock Baptist Church at 4 and walk down Carter Rd. to the site where a water well blew up on New Years morning, Jan 1, 2009. We will then return to the church for a viewing of the film" Frac Attack!" and refreshments.
Shuttles will be available from the church to Carter Rd. and back.
Map for the church location can be found here.
Dimock Baptist Church
State Route 2024
Dimock, PA 18816
Cabot Water Decision Causes Outrage (Video)
Dimock Township, Susquehanna County-- A major natural gas drilling company will soon stop supplying fresh water to some Susquehanna County families. The decision is not sitting well with those who blame the driller for contaminating their water wells.

Representatives of Cabot Oil & Gas asked for an end to that arrangement Tuesday, and it was granted Wednesday. This despite the fact that regulators say faulty Cabot gas wells contaminated those families' water supplies in the first place.

People we spoke with in Dimock Township Thursday were outraged. By November 30th, fresh water will no longer be delivered to families in the Dimock area who say Cabot Oil & Gas destroyed their quality of life.

Victoria Switzer, of Dimock Township, said, "Cabot wins, and everybody loses. This was precedent-setting. The laws were watered down, no pun intended, as much as they could be for Cabot."

Wendy Seymour, also of Dimock Township, noted, "I think it's ludicrous that DEP would allow Cabot to discontinue water service to us, when we know that our water is contaminated."

Wendy Seymour, a grower who sells her products at farmer's markets, says Cabot's invasion of Susquehanna County has cost her half her income. Seymour recalled, "I've had people walk up to my stand at as show and say, 'You're from Dimock and you're selling a food product? Why would you do that? You have contaminated water.'"
Seymour used to explain that she used the fresh water supplied by Cabot for her produce-- now she's not sure what she'll do.

In addition to asking to stop providing water to people in this part of Susquehanna County, Cabot has also asked to be allowed to resume drilling in this area. People we spoke with say that just adds insult to injury. Seymour continued, "I don't think they're any better than they were when they started here. We're canaries in the hole."

But as tempers continue to flare between local families and the drilling giant, some-- like retired teacher Victoria Switzer-- say they have no other choice but find a new way to supply their own water-- and move on. Switzer added, "I'm going to start living my life, as best I can, in the middle of a gas field that's owned and occupied by Cabot Oil & Gas."

No decision has been made yet on Cabot's request to resume drilling in the area around Carter Road near Dimock. Cabot has disputed the notion that their wells are responsible for the elevated methane levels at most of the homes in question, arguing that they are a natural occurrence.

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